Smog / Dry Ice(recommended in the wedding gate/pergola, first dance, etc.)Rp 600.000,-
Bubble(recommended in first dance moment, red carpet procession, wine pouring, etc.)Rp 600.000,-
Pyrotechnic(recommended in the wedding kiss, wedding toast, etc.)Rp 800.000,-/2 spot
Heart-shaped Confetti Blast(recommended in wedding kiss moment)Rp 200.000,-/pair
Streamer Confetti Blast(recommended in wedding toast moment)Rp 200.000/pair
Gas Balloon(recommended for happy momentafter Holy Blessing Ceremony)Rp 800.000,-/100 pcs
FLASH PACKAGE (FULL EFFECTS)- "Smog/Dry Ice" in the wedding gate/pergola- "Bubble" along red carpet & wine pouring moment- 2 pcs "Heart-shaped Confetti Blast" in wedding kiss moment- 2 pcs "Streamer Confetti Blast" in wedding toast moment- 2 spot "Pyrotechnic" in wedding toast momentSpecial Offer = Only Rp 2.000.000,-(save Rp 400.000,-)
Note:Installation and operator are included.Terms of Condition:- Prices can be changed without prior notice, except down payment has been received.- The package is valid for event in year of 2016 for Jakarta area only.- Payment minimum 20% in advance and 80% at least 1 week before D-day.- Official bank account is BCA A/C 453-102-5878 (Elkana Timotius)- To create your party run smoothly and successfully, we provide unlimited consultation, 1 time of technical meeting, and rehearsal meeting service in D-day before the event begin.- All above prices are valid for performance only in Jakarta area (crew, transportation and installation charges are included).- Excluded charges from other vendors, if any.- Life performance is maximum for 2 hours/event.
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