ABOUT USd’F@ME Entertainment was started on October 10th, 2007, inspired by Elkana-Lisa’s wedding on July 7th, 2007. Understand that entertainment is one of the essential part of a wedding, we choose this path to help other couples to create a merrier wedding.We accommodate any type of wedding as couples’ imagination. Either a cheerful one, glamour, elegant, funky or any kind, we support with the right combination of music tools and right players. Our personnels have been involved in this entertainment industry for quite a long time and we handled many couples so far. We always give our best performance and make sure your wedding becomes a memorable one. Please click here to know
Values of DFAMEDYNAMIC...we assist you to create your wedding day as the most special moment in your live, because we are supported by many experienced and talented personnel!FOCUS...we assist you to create your wedding day run smoothly. Your party is our party, that"s why we only serve one event per day!ADVANTEGOUS...we assist you to create your wedding day comes true, even in your limited budget and time!MEMORABLE...we assist you to create your wedding day unforgetable because we really understand that it will be once in your lifetime event. It"s totally unique, futuristic, and personal, nobody did it before!EXCELLENT...we assist you to create your wedding day as great as your dream. Enjoy your day because it"s yours!
Our Dedicated Soundman & Crew
you just tell us whatever you need and we surely help you to provide it well...d"F@ME Entertainment(attn. Elkana Timothy Yoe)Jl. Sunter Hijau IV, Blok E4, no. 23Jakarta Utara - 14350IndonesiaMobile. +62-8151647707BB PIN. 25DA64A6Email. info@dfame-entertainment.comWebsite. www.dfame-entertainment.com
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